Thursday, January 23, 2020

The Future Revamp of University Lecturers Responsibilities.

👧 Next week, my calendar will be full of practical workshops from the business industry. The demand and supply of students nowadays have changed. The employers are no longer looking merely on students' results. Job experience and skills are more critical. The younger generation also shifts their journey to a better path: PRACTICALITY.

I think it's a daunting schedule for me as a lecturer to go and connects with the industry; however, I feel better in doing my works. As an academician, I should change together with what the industry wants. This generation loves to spend their investment for practicality in technical institutions that primarily taught more on skills. 😎

University has been strongly known as theory-based institutions since my young age. But now, even the new generation can also excel without going to one. The theories introduced by the university are still fundamental, however, it will be a strong and impactful impact if the practicality joins in. With social media and the internet world all around, combining theory and practice should be the main focus.

I tried to learn as much as possible all these technical tools: adobe creative, financial planning, photography, etc etc, 😱 for the sake of my students and my passion. I have the passion in all sort of creative ways, but as I said, it's daunting. Lecturers have many other requirements to fulfil their performance, learning all these skills, required energy, money and time.

Eight years ago, I was working at an online advertising company, and the company's business strategy was changing rapidly throughout the years. And I think the young generations are also evolving as well. I mould myself into this so-called "generation z" world, and I tell you, I can no longer step outside my house due to the learning process I can learn from my youtube and udemy.

So I guess if the university could change the curriculum, maybe the students will be more interested. It's the same thing happen in the world of business, "Keep innovating or get left behind".

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