Sunday, October 6, 2019

PhD Holders: We Are DUMB.

Hi Beautiful!

I got into an argument with my brother over spilled water. He got angry and say "How can you be so dumb and have a PhD?" 

Duh! 😐😕😡

PhD holders are like any normal humans. We are like anybody else, makes mistakes and live our life fully as a normal human being. 

With regards to our PhD journey, our research has been done based on one small tiny area of vast knowledge in this world and universe. That tiny fraction does not make us God. God that knows everything, every single detail of everything. 

As a PhD holder myself, when I saw tons of trillions of journals, publications, and researches, I just realised that I'm just a DUMB person try to mould into a small fraction of knowledge. So basically, I know only a tiny piece of research compared to many other pieces of research in this world. 

Once I got to this highest degree, I just found myself not only DUMB but do not have anything to declare that I'm a philosopher or researcher, since I did make a lot of mistakes even during my own thesis and publications. 

And why I'm so angry over that stupid question my brother gave me? It is not because of my own ego, its because other people expect of me becoming a perfect Goddess, the all-knowing and the most perfect human on earth. It's like I do not have the right to make mistakes and cannot say NO or DONT KNOW to anything. And I hate that.

So next time when you see a PhD holder spill her coffee, just say, "It's ok, lemme clean up for you". 😂😁

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