Monday, March 11, 2019

30 + Job Interviews: What I Learn?

30 + Job Interviews: What I Learn?

2012. A year that I found myself searching for the perfect ways to reach my dream job as a lecturer. Feeling exhausted, frustrated, and giving up creep inside of me. I’m grateful I’ve been given so many opportunities to go through such a huge number of interviews, from academic and industrial areas.

I’ve been a bad and excellent interview’s candidate. It’s like a never-ending game with less chance of winning to get that dream job. But deep within my heart, I want to fight, never wanted to hear what the naysayers say about my struggles. Just keep on moving.

Persistent. Luck. Hard work. All were intertwined in my journey. Persistent never to give up. Even though the other people felt exhausted towards my job-hunting journey. Only just by looking. Having luck by praying to God to help ease my journey. Believe that the big boss is looking up there. Hard work by continuous applying job once a month even there’s no job opening. Creating my own.

Even though I got my dream job now, I felt there is a need for me to help others find their dream. I still love to go to the job fair, asking employer their opinions, how the job trends are shifting, so that I could change as well. Improved as an academician and as a human.

So, what I learned? Job interviews are human perceptions, emotions, and preferences. If they like you, they take you in. If they don’t, you’re out. Preparation is important to increase the likelihood to be like. CGPA, resume, appearance might be the factor to get you the job, but networking is also a turning point for you to get easier access. But somehow, if you persevere enough, you will beat all that anyway.

Believe in your dream. If you don’t have one, build it. Improved your attitude. Be humble, do your best in every stage of your life. 

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