Thursday, February 6, 2020

What Should You Asked After Interview?

Hey all!

Through books and theories, many stated you should ask about the employer's company culture, or maybe expected salary. As for me, the most important question you should ask is:

May I Know My Weaknesses Throughout This Interview? And How Should I Improve Myself?

After gone to many interviews (38 to be exact), I always asked this question. Many of the previous interviews' employers would give me many suggestions such as:

You are too nervous. Calm down a little
You need to incorporate certain things in your answers. Like etc etc
Read more business news. Knowledge is important.
Know the author of a book you inspired.
Improve your pronounciation.
Dont lie. If you do not know, just tell us you dont know.

And many more. Accept these recommendations to improve yourself in the future. Do not leave the interview with empty-handed. Grab something beneficial from interview experiences.  You will do better in your future interviews. 😊


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