Monday, February 10, 2020

What Should You Write in "About Me" Section of Your Resume?

Morning Freshies! 🌞

Many of my final year students asked me what to include inside the "About Me" section of their resume. Many of them copy-paste other resumes' "About Me" they found online that ends up sounding very general and cliche.

About Me section is considered one of the most essential info of your resume for the employer to know you better. If you copy-pasting other people "About Me" section, the employer doesn't feel you are a unique individual.

Here are some recommendations on "About Me" info:

1. Avoid using general "cliche" words, use precise words instead.

Examples for general cliche' words: A hardworking employee. Use precise words instead: "Able to multitask on planning and coordinating various management tasks.

2. State what is your passion. 

State what you love to do [make sure it helps you to land a job]. For example: Seeking high job participation in the outdoor landscape. 

3. Mentioned what you want in the future job. 

You need to mention what kind of job you would love to work with. For example, "Passionate towards digital marketing". If you said this, the employer knows what you are looking for, and you are less likely to hate your future job. 

p/s: Good luck! 😎 - Doc Phat

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