Monday, December 6, 2010

wat tag dari cik dya!

saya dah dapat tag ni sebelum ni, baru ade kesempatan nak wat tag ni.. tag ni dari cik dya. tag ni tajuk dia "Abjad-abjad kehidupan". saya kene membuat entri tentang abjad2 ini dari A - Z. ok, meh tengok saya berjaya x wat. tapi saya buat dalam bahasa inggeris la ye.. kihkih

A - attitude
good attitude - always try to get it

B - behave
behave myself in front of people

C - cat
love this animal

D - doa
always do this to make myself calmer

E - emotional
me sometimes quite emo

F - fatin
my first name

G - guitar
my guitar i named it Melody

H - husna
my real and second name

I - independent
me always trying to be one

J - joy
always need this in my life

K - know
try to know everything

L - love
give love to anybody :)

N - number
i love number 8

O - occupation
my dream occupation? -- lecturer

P - pass
just what im lookin for my final exam

Q - quran
my favourite.

R - recording
my hobby

S - sing
sing will make me happy

T - thanks
one of my fav words

U - university
still involve with it

V - variety
love variety of products

W - wallet
the no. 1 most important thing in my life

always involve with this stuff (-_-")

Y - yawn
when i bored, i yawn

Z - zero
hate this number

p/s: sape nak join wat tag ni, meh!


Nurul Nadia said...

simple but accurate...ada class gitu..good job fatin.. i love it!!tq dear

Fatin Husna said...

haha u r welcome!

sekamar rindu said...


selamat maal Hijrah buat pemilik blog...

follow ur blog..*129

Fatin Husna said...

thanks sekamar rindu.. da follow da balik ur blog.. :)