Saturday, January 16, 2010

Should Highlight Gaza's True Scenario - Dr Mahathir

Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad wants national news agency Bernama to highlight the true scenario in Gaza.

"That's good, Bernama went along. I think Bernama must make a point of showing all the destruction.

"I hope you have taken pictures of the destruction, houses and buildings," the former prime minister, who is also Perdana Global Peace Organisation chairman, told a press conference Sunday.

He was speaking after the arrival of a nine-member Malaysian team which had participated in the largest Viva Palestina humanitarian aid convoy to Gaza, at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport.

The Malaysian team comprised a four-member Bernama TV crew, four Perdana Global personnel and a Yayasan Al Bukhari representative. They were part of the 450-member convoy.

The Bernama TV crew was made up of assistant producer and news presenter Azmawati Azmi; journalist Kuzaimah Idris; news presenter Masrenny Masri and cameraman Mohd Shafie Abdullah.

Team members had related at the press conference that there were bomb explosions in Gaza while the western media had reported to the world that Gaza was currently a peaceful zone.

"You talk about bomb explosions. I thought the Gaza war is over. Most people think now it is very peaceful in Gaza," said Dr Mahathir, looking disappointed.

"The western world talks about some minor issues but when a place like Gaza is constantly attacked by Israel, "this practically is not news even in the local Malaysian newspapers.

"I have not read about bombs and things like that. I only know their houses have not been re-built and they have to live in very primitive conditions."

Dr Mahathir also hoped that Malaysian newspapers would not depend on the western press as "it is owned by people related to Israelis."

He noted that everyone knew that the Jews were killing Muslims and Christians in Gaza, and Christians in Palestine.

On the Malaysian team's spirit, Dr Mahathir said the team had good spirit as it wished to accomplish the (humanitarian) mission.

"Of course, from this distance in the comfort of our homes and our country, we may not appreciate the drive that is needed to accomplish such a mission."

----> i really am agree with the article.. coz i will always support any kind of help towards them such as donation and convoy. God bless Gaza people..

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