Saturday, January 16, 2010

is it worth?

nowdays, im just thinking bout people around me, how they treat n how i treat them. im kinda weird thinking bout dis coz im kinda feel dat im tryin to do my best to do wat other people want me to help them but the end of the day, they just leave me behind.. sound like sad isnt it? hmm dats frens exactly it is.. i try to accept dis now but it seems like i cant coz im always get good and reliable frens when im younger, at high school.. but now things go differently. i gotta wake up and realized dat theres so little frens dat might not leave you behind nowadays.. anyway, life is so short. we might not realized dat we gonna leave primary school, high school, college and university and now im heading to find a job. im so like thanks to God bcoz God gimme the fact dat frens r not always gonna help u at the end of my semester for my university life coz im on my own now. gotta b independent.

i gotta a fren tells me that hes very lonely when people seems like doesnt wanna b his frens. gotta tell the truth, yup it is true dat u r lonely without having any frens in ur life.. but 4 me, its not worth when havin frens dat just wanna take advantage on u. just using u like a toy. right? n now im turn my life around to my family, the only people dat cares bout u, never leave u behind no matter wat. im just swallow the sour n bitter taste of having frens into my throat n move along wif my family, guitar and my cat. yup, my cat wont let me down easily.. i give him food, he return back the gift by giving his nicest attitude to his master, lick my hands when it fulls wif oily food.. kinda make me happy..

im happy wif my family now. make my heart feels more peace.. n im hopin dat i will b in this situation always.. i have everything in my life. having good frens n might a good boyfren will b a bonus. just a bonus. nothin more.if i dodnt have all that, i doesnt have to worry coz i know i can b a very independent gurl like i used to be. it might not seems like living wif my family is an independent way but im sure dat livin wif my fren will kill me without i ever notice it. yup, i gotta b wif my family 4 a little while b4 i heading to the real world. when all these things comes to me, it doesnt mean dat i dont wanna make frens at all, just need to be aware of wat frens dat im trust with.. btw, peace no war 4 our world..

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