Friday, April 16, 2021

Cost of Living Breakdown


This chart shows the percentage breakdown of regular expenses in the average household budget. The biggest expense in most household budget is housing, whether you rent or own your own home. The transportation, next highest, will depend on how far those in the household live from work and whether they own a vehicle or use public transportation. Other expenditures, such as food, debt payments, clothing, utilities, and healthcare, will change as the members of the household age. 

Adjusting the Breakdown Into Your Own

The chart above is only a guideline to make specific expenses in your cost of living. This guideline is important to know which expenses you have put more priorities on to be reduced according to the guideline. However, it is important to know some costs that could not have a big change based on your own need in life due to your family or even career. 

Adjusting your own cost living breakdown should be taken in written format in Microsoft excel and any other app and software. If you would like to start your own breakdown and budgeting, click here in this post: 

p/s: Happy breaking down! 😆💣

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