Monday, March 29, 2021

Business Plan That Get Investment: The Structure

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With regards to the business plan, it is important to have a good structure to get your first investment or funding. The titles of your business plan and the order that you place them in should correspond to the issues you must cover in your business plan. Mapping out your structure with correct and relevant titles on your plan is a crucial step, as it enables the reader to understand easily what the plan relates to. The sequence of pages in your plan, and the corresponding titles, should be as follows:

1. Executive Summary 

An overview of what is to come in the plan. Think of it as an introduction.

2. Opportunity

Why your business exists. In effect. what problem or gap in the market your business addresses. 

3. Background

What it is that your business makes or does.

4. USP

Unique Selling Point. This relates to what it is that makes your business special and different from others. 

5. Progress

What progress you have made with developing your business and its current position, including any successes you have had to date. 

6. The Market

The identity and characteristics of your customers

7. Route to Market

How you plan to access and sell to your potential customers.

8. Competition

Who else does what you do, or something similar

9. Management

Who runs the business, and what is their experience and knowledge in the sector.

10. Business Model

How the business makes money. It explains the cost of manufacture of the product, or provision of the service, through to the proceeds from actual sales. 

11. Financials

Current and future sales, costs and profits. 

12. Investment

How much investment you are asking for, and what you plan to do with it. 

13. Exit

How an investor will get their money back from their investment and generate an additional return.

14. Conclusion

A brief synopsis of the plan. Similar to the Executive Summary, but highlighting the most favourable points in the plan, so that it finishes on a "high note". 

p/s: This structure works for any business. 😊

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