Monday, January 25, 2010

loving bears from my frens~

so, dis all r my best frens gifts (bears)~ luv u all. hepi ble igt balik memori lame pasal kwn2 wlpn ad yg pht, ak sgt bersyukur dikurnia kwn2 yg amt ambil berat ttg aku. tq guys..

for the pics:

1. mr bean - give by my roomates and my geng at kolej mutiara 2007(uitm johor) for my bedday.. tq guys : shasha, zimah, yusra, anis n soraya.
2. paw - give by my best buddy at sbpim 2005 , haslinda for my burpday.. heheh
3. cj 7 - give by my roomate 2008 uitm, khaty, for our goodbye memory, huhu
4. teddy - give by my best buddy at matrikulasi melaka, ezatul by post for my birthday present at 2007.
5. pooh - give by my best buddies 2006 at matrikulasi melaka, ezatul n diba, for my berpday present.. hehe
6. mashimaro - give by my best buddy at sbpim 2005, farhanah ghazali as my berpday present... hehhe

god bless my best buddies.. love u all...

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